Deleting files is far different from erasing a file. Likewise, deleting a file does not mean that it is lost permanently, even after emptying the recycle bin. It could fall and stay into a hard drive. On the other hand, it is one of the problems in selling an old computer and laptop. How about the confidential files that you kept? It will eventually retrieve due to not erasing it permanently. So, Dallas Data Recovery provides ways to delete the files permanently, even in a hard drive.

It is not safe to sell an old computer without erasing the files into the hard drive. On the other hand, it is better to erase these data from the hard drive than deleting it only. It is another way to keep confidential and private data safe completely.

Erasing Files Permanently in Windows 7

Erasing files in Windows 7 is a bit complicated. That is why many users are wondering about it. So for the safety of everyone, these are the procedures on erasing files in Windows 7.

Eraser Software

In recovering files, it is necessary to install the recovery software first. It makes the process easier, safe, and convenient. And it is the same with erasing files. You will need eraser software to erase the data permanently. However, there is an eraser software that offers a free version, and at the same provides safe and high-quality features. You could install and use it in erasing files.

These are the most recommended eraser software for Windows 7:

  • CCleaner
  • BitRaser File Eraser

Furthermore, these are the features and procedures of each eraser software. It will serve as your guide on how to erase files permanently and completely in Windows 7.

How to Erase Files in Windows 7 Using This Eraser Software?


CCleaner provides a free version and still works excellently. It is one of the longest-established system cleaners. That is why it is the most recommended one. It is not only erasing files permanently, but it removes and cleans up all the unwanted data on your computer.

These are the procedures on how to delete the files permanently using CCleaner:

  • Click the “Tool” icon to the left.
  • Select “Drive Wiper.”
  • Click “Free Space Open” on the first box, then select the number of overwrite passes. Well, the overwrite pass is the space on the hard drive, wherein all the data falls after deleting it to the computer.

BitRaser File Eraser

It is an eraser software that 100% deletes all the files permanently. It will wipe all the sensitive and confidential data on your computer. Other than that, it clears all the browsing history on Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, IE, and more. Even the passwords, emails, and online banks are completely swept out with BitRaser File Eraser.

These are the procedures on how to delete the files permanently using BitRaser File Eraser:

  • Go to the Tools and select data for Erasure Algorithm and Verification Method.
  • Click “Apply” and go to the “Home” tab.
  • Select “Erase Unsured Space.”
  • Click “Erase Now” and confirm


Keep your data safe from the thief by sweeping off all the deleted files in your Windows 7. However, there is an alternative way on how to erase files permanently. It is hiring data recovery services, like Dallas Data Recovery. It is not only for recovering service, but these are also experts when it comes to this. Therefore, you could ask help from data recovery experts too.